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I haven’t posted anything on here for over a year now, but I’m not dead! I’ve been studying Computing Science at Newcastle University.

On the topic of “studying”, I’ve recently been playing a lot of Minecraft, an indie game by Mojang Games. It’s still in Alpha but rapidly nearing Beta, with there currently being 50% off the RRP of £20 (€18).

I bought it a couple of months back because everyone was playing it… Two months later, I run a server for the Survival Multiplayer gamemode. I bought an old Dual Core Dell Opteron workstation and stuck a copy of Ubuntu Server 10.10 on it. Configuring ssh, ftp, Java (the game and server are written in Java) and the Apache webserver were trivial. It’s been a great learning experience, I’ve been bash-scripting backups and little integration features ever since.

Anyhoo, the server is at, although you’ll need to ask an admin to whitelist you before you can build. Oh, and Griefers can look elsewhere… I don’t need your shenanigans, I have a degree to earn.


We just want to be your friendsssssssssssssss

We just want to be your friendssssssssssssss...

D: …Cheerio.