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For stuff which is so out there, I couldn’t classify it.

Another little project that I will  be continuing with next week is Cat Muffin Radio.

We have a jingle and everything.

It’s a weekly radio show brought to you from three Very English Fellows, under the pseudonyms InksGuy, Jibar and Voidseraph.

Because we have something to hide.

Basically, we do the news, a review of whatever video game we happen to be playing at the moment, and other general hilarity. In the format of a 1/2 hour podcast or “Radio show”.

Target audience is anyone who finds the need for some entertainment.

Anyway, if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out at


Hello, good evening, and welcome to…

You are looking at InksGuy’s Quasi-Pseudoblog, a blog which is sort of not a blog. Sort of.
Where will it take you?

You can’t go that way!

Look, come on. Traverse the Blogosphere!

> _

Anyway, yes. I’m going to use this blog to post some fairly random stuff- the only rule being it has to interest me.

Come back when I’ve posted something! Go on! Begone!