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Programs and stuff. Using, abusing…

I haven’t posted anything on here for over a year now, but I’m not dead! I’ve been studying Computing Science at Newcastle University.

On the topic of “studying”, I’ve recently been playing a lot of Minecraft, an indie game by Mojang Games. It’s still in Alpha but rapidly nearing Beta, with there currently being 50% off the RRP of £20 (€18).

I bought it a couple of months back because everyone was playing it… Two months later, I run a server for the Survival Multiplayer gamemode. I bought an old Dual Core Dell Opteron workstation and stuck a copy of Ubuntu Server 10.10 on it. Configuring ssh, ftp, Java (the game and server are written in Java) and the Apache webserver were trivial. It’s been a great learning experience, I’ve been bash-scripting backups and little integration features ever since.

Anyhoo, the server is at, although you’ll need to ask an admin to whitelist you before you can build. Oh, and Griefers can look elsewhere… I don’t need your shenanigans, I have a degree to earn.


We just want to be your friendsssssssssssssss

We just want to be your friendssssssssssssss...

D: …Cheerio.


Aha! I was wondering what this thing did…

Windows Live Writer is part of the Live Essentials pack. I’m using it on Windows 7 at the moment. It’s kinda pretty…

This is just a post for me to get a first impression of the software, and I’m posting it in the form of a little review.

The first really nice feature I noticed was that it mirrors the WordPress Blog’s theme in the editor. That is to say, the basic two column layout I’ve got going on. This WYSIWYG type editor is a good improvement on the built-in WordPress blogging tool, which (at time of posting) only gives a fairly generic editing platform.

I also like the capability to embed videos, maps and so on.

Anyway, future posts will be coming from this program.


Screenshot of publishing

I use Audacity to record from Skype, and I can show you how to set it up. This guide is aimed at Windows people, as I don’t have a Mac, and can’t be bothered to boot into Ubuntu to test it in Linux…

  1. Download Audacity and Skype, if you don’t already have ’em.
  2. Check you can record from Stereo Mix. Actually, that should have been #1…

To do this, open up the Sound Volume control, in the tray. Click Options, Properties, then the radio button which allows you to adjust properties for recording.

Sound Volume - Mix highlighted

  • If you have a Stereo Mix check-box in there- Check it if it isn’t checked already, and press OK.
  • If you don’t see a Stereo Mix check-box in the box next to the Line in and Microphone check boxes, this could mean a couple of things. Either your Soundcard doesn’t support it, full stop (unlikely)… Or, you need to update the drivers. I found this site particularly helpful, you might too. (If you have a Dell laptop with a Sigmatel card, use Option 2 on there!) Otherwise, check the card manufacturer’s site.

Then, ensure that the stereo mix slider is dragged up full and selected.

3.  Open Audacity and Skype.

In Audacity, set the recording source to Stereo Mix:

Select Source

Then go to Skype, find someone to call, hit record in Audacity and WHAM!

You have yourself a recording. Export it as an MP3 or WAV to save. For MP3 you’ll need the encoding DLL, but Audacity provides a guide on how to get this.

Happy Skype recording!



This fellow here had a problem with an echo of his own voice… I had a think about it and decided it might be this:

Software Playthrough

Software Playthrough will play the current track back out while still recording it. It’s not simultaneous because of the latency you get on the non-realtime Windows kernel…

In other words, there’s a slight delay. While handy in a studio environment, or if you’re wearing headphones, you should disable it when recording from Stereo Mix or you’ll just get an echo.

Preferences is accessible through the edit menu, or press Ctrl+P from in Audacity.

Oh- and if the Mic is picking up the speakers you’ll get much the same effect…

Of course, I could be completely wrong, barking up the wrong tree and just plain mad, but it’s working echolessly for me!